This is the platform dedicated to youth workers, teachers, pedagogues and other professionals working with young people using non-formal learning methods. You will find here a selection of online games to use with young people on various topics and for different age groups. Each of them is designed for a specific educational context, addressing concrete needs and problems.


If you don’t find a game you need right now, check out our manual and tutorial on how to develop your own edu-games and upload it on Learnus+! Let’s enrich a supply of engaging, entertaining and educational tools for youth work together!


The project Growth and Access for Millennials of Erasmus+ (GAME+) is a Strategic Partnership Innovation project in the field of youth, focusing on Youth workers' capacity building using a new, innovative digital tools: Learnus+. We aim to provide support to the youth workers and organizations when they are preparing their regular activities and to support the digital participation and online learning of young people. The transnational partnership comes from a common grass-root background and has agreed on the main objective: empowering and strengthening each partner’s methodology as well as the digital competences of their youth workers, in order to tackle common issues arising among vulnerable target groups, with effective outreach activities based on creative approaches designed according to Non-formal education principles- learning by doing.


Specific objectives:

  • Offer a new, innovative digital tool for educational purposes, using game-based learning methodology
  • Improve the digital participation and digital inclusion of young people;
  • Encourage and motivate young people to use the educational games as a tool for online learning;
  • Raise the capacities of the youth workers, young people and youth organizations on a European level.



  • Intellectual Output 1: Guidelines for using gamification tools in youth work ;
  • Intellectual Output 2: Digital tool - Learnus+, which aims to improve the knowledge, digital inclusion and digital participation of young people with typical development and young people with disabilities alike;
  • Youth workers’ increased capacities in using digital tools in their activities at the local, national, and international level.

Bangherang APS is a non-profit association, established in 2020 that provides socio-educational activities, training services, facilitation and European projects design and management, working with children, adolescents, young people, youth workers, educators, teachers and staff from the Municipalities. The association's pedagogical lines are characterised by approaches typical of non-formal education. The association develops participative activities capable of adapting to the specific objectives of each context, dealing with a variety of topics and responding to the attitudes and needs of each target group.



Web: https://www.bangherang.it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BangherangAssociazione

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bangherang_aps/

Email (general): info@bangherang.it

European Projects: europa@bangherang.it



In “GAME+” project, Bangherang contributed in the development and realisation of all project activities and results. More specifically, IO1 Research, IO2 Learnus+ platform and games development, co-design of the training content of the LTTA, appointed a trainer for the LTTA, hosted one of the transnational partners meeting in Italy, participated on all transnational partners meeting with two staff (project manager and expert in the development of the project results/outputs), organised the Multiplier event in Italy, was responsible for the dissemination and visibility of the project and its results.


The project GAME+ is co-financed from the European Union Programme Erasmus+.
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